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  • What is Express Interest?
    When we first put players on the site, we will have an 'Express Interest' tab where you enter your email. Once we are ready to release the shares, the people who have 'Expressed Interest' will have the first chance to purchase. Each portfolio of players has a limited number of shares available.
  • Can I really make money by investing in a Football Legends?
    Yes! The company where you invest (Special Purpose Vehicle) is a for-profit entity. If the player is ultimately successful you can expect to receive a dividend product of the fees generated by the agent due to transfer fees generated by the sale of a player and their salary. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the player will turn out to be profitable and in many cases players are not profitable.
  • Do I need to pay any additional fees after the initial purchase?
    No, there are no out of pocket expenses after your initial purchase. The price of a syndicate share includes a prepaid amount for the expenses that may arise. In order to ensure no further capital will be required the SPV will maintain sufficient reserves. In the event additional funds do need to be raised, Football Legends will have the option of issuing additional shares at whatever the market price is at that time. Existing Owners will have preference to buy first.
  • What are the risks of buying a fractional share?
    Representing players requires the management of human relationships. As agents, they have no verdict in the players decisions and are merely subject to advising them. Additionally, it is the players sole decision to engage and/or renew the relationship with an agent. No guarantees can ever be made about the outcome of purchasing a share in player’s representation contracts. Most players will not make it to professional or successful careers and will lose money, some break even, a few are successful, and a select few are extremely successful. The profits generated by representation contracts are directly related to the players success. We are here to provide a marketplace to get you closer to football in a safe, secure and fun way but we are not removing the risk from ownership over the representation of Football players.
  • What is Football Legends?
    Football Legends is a syndicate that offers an inside experience into Football so you can take your passion of the sport to the next level. Because FIFA does not allow Third party investment/ownership to the economic rights of football players, by way of Fractional shares we purchase the rights of profit that the players agents/representatives are entitled. Our goal is to give our clients more out of football and offer a real-life experience of “owning” you portfolio of football players.
  • What are the benefits of buying a fractional share?
    Our goal is to enrich the football experience for each owner. In addition to having a direct equity percentage in the player’s representation, we offer regular updates on how your player is doing, training, matches and progress. On match days, you can gain access to private boxes through our lottery system. We will also occasionally offer merchandise, special media and premium events. Due to the international nature of our activities, it is possible that many of these perks will not be locally available or require significant international travel in order to fully benefit from these perks.
  • Can I buy shares for someone else?
    Football Legends offer gift cards that you can buy for someone else. Once they receive the gift card, they can check out our offerings on the website.
  • Can I buy more shares in a player once I’ve already invested?
    Yes, if there are still shares available you’re welcome to purchase more.
  • Can I share an account with another person?
    Accounts are personal and for the individual only. Log in information should not be shared.
  • What happens if shares are still available for purchase when a player shows significant progress?
    If one of our players is showing significant progress we will review the valuation of the player. If we believe the initial offering is still a fair valuation, we’ll make shares available for purchase again at the same price point. If our team determines that the players progress had a significant impact on the valuation of the player, and as a result the initial share price no longer fairly represents the value of this offering, we will stop offering shares in that series and look into offering the series at a new price.
  • Why would Football Legends raise the share price of a player?
    If a player shows promise or significant progress, it is reasonable to expect the value of the player (and consequently the value of the representation contract) to increase. If we are considering a share price change, we obtain a number of independent valuations from trusted professionals or public sources (such as transfermarket or Transferroom). We then publish those on the relevant players' page with an explanation of the new share price. We have been clear from the start that when you buy a share with Football Legends, it is a real share that does not expire which is why those who purchase shares early can benefit from their share as their player progresses.
  • What type of ownership stake am I buying?
    You are buying a direct equity percentage in a Special Purpose Vehicle that owns the rights to the representation contracts of the specific players you have chosen. We establish a company for each offering, and offer shares of the syndicate of that player (or group of players) to be purchased. It is an actual share; there is no expiry date and you own it for the entirety of the players' career.
  • Who can buy Fractional Shares?
    Anyone over the age of 18 from a qualifying jurisdiction can purchase fractional shares.
  • How is a share's price determined?
    There are 3 factors to an offering: The Player – This factor becomes relevant mainly in the case of a big promise or player with significant progress. Organizational Costs- These are all of the fees that are associated with acquiring the contract. It includes expenses like sales & use tax, insurance, structuring, accounting and most of all Agent Fees. This account is a cash reserve account, so anything that isn’t used is returned pro rata to owners. Management Fee – This is the Football Legends fee to acquire the contracts, offer it via fractional shares on, and handle the behind the scenes.
  • Can I gift or transfer the ownership of a share to someone else?
    Yes, we can help you transfer the shares, as a gift, to another Football Legends account holder. All transactions must be executed by emailing
  • How many shares can I buy?
    There is no maximum number of shares you can buy per player, as long as there are shares left to purchase. Each offering has a number of shares offered based on percentage owned of the player and percentage value of the shares offered. Once that threshold is reached the offering will be removed from the site. As long as there are shares remaining and at the same price point you can add additional shares.
  • What are Football Legends’s fees on each listing?
    Firstly, it is important to say that the value we paid for the player contracts is the value that we syndicate to our owners; our player contracts are never oversubscribed. Our Management fee is listed on the Buy Page and the Purchase Term Summary for each player. FL will also receive a portion of prize money and a commission for the sale of any Player, which is also detailed on the Purchase Term Summary.
  • Can I sell my shares?
    We do not have a secondary market for trading the shares. Though we are keen on having this feature in the future, we have no indication of when it could happen.
  • How are payouts determined and distributed to owners?
    Whenever a player signs a professional contract and/or gets transferred, the money earned will be used to top up the reserve account, which is what we use to pay for ongoing expenses. At the end of the calendar year, Football Legends will reconcile the account for each player and our goal is to be able to pay out a yearly dividend to each owner based on their portfolios earnings. We will provide a detailed breakdown of the account and any pay-out within 60 days of January 1. If your portfolio generates a particularly large profit, Football Legends would potentially pay out a special dividend to those owners regardless of the time of year.
  • How do I join Football Legends socials?
    Coming soon - When you join, you’ll be prompted to enter in the order number for your share to verify your owner status. That order number can be found at the top of the email we sent you to confirm that your order was placed. If you no longer have a copy of your order confirmation email, you can also find this number by going to the account section of our website, then selecting “Orders” to view a detailed history of your past orders with us.
  • How can I get a Certificate of Ownership for my player?
    A Certificate of Authenticity will be delivered via email to all Football Legends owners. This digital certificate can easily be printed from home and includes your player’s name, as well as the date the purchase was originally made. Coming soon – You will be able to access your certificate straight from your account
  • How are players selected?
    All players listed on Football Legends undergo an exhaustive diligence process by the agents. Each agent will have their own evaluation process. However exhaustive the diligence process is, no guarantees can be made in terms of how successful they will be in their careers. Our goal is to use the best practices, partner with credible and reputable agents, and be rigorous with our diligence/assessments, but there will always be an element of risk.
  • How often will I get updates about my player?
    We strive to provide updates every week on a portfolio, within it we strive to give at least a monthly update on each player of the portfolio. Some players will update more or less frequently. Ultimately, it depends on the player, agent and ownership group.
  • Where will the players be based?
    Each player listing will specify the location of the players and their current teams. As with any player, their location is subject to multiple changes. Our goal is to find a player that will develop into a first class footballer and play in the top leagues across UK and/or Europe.
  • Who determines where the players plays?
    As partners of the Agents, we have no control over the players or trainers’ decisions. Likewise, the Agent acts in an advisory capacity and does not have a determination on where the player plays. Ultimately, this will be the sole discretion of the player.
  • Do I get a say in how the player is advised?
    Fractional share owners do not have any say in how the player is managed. At present, the Syndicate Owners (Football Legends) are participants in the larger player ownership group, and the intent is for the Co-Ownership group and the agent to make decisions regarding the player.
  • Can I visit my player at trainings and matches?
    Yes, but you must be accompanied by a Football Legends Owner Concierge. Escorted tour opportunities are posted in the app and on the website. Our terms and conditions with the agents and players require all owners to be accompanied by a FL representative, so you’ll need an escort regardless of whether you are an owner or not. Due to the international nature of our activities, it is common that many of these visits will not be locally available or require significant international travel in order to gain access to the visits.
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