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Football Legends: getting closer to the Beautiful Game

We're passionate about football. We love the game, the excitement, the drama, and the stories. But we also know that football is a business typically reserved for the few. We want to change that and offer the chance to everyday fans to get closer to the sport, and maybe make some money as well 😊.


That's why we're building Football Legends, a platform that allows people to get the experience of the football business and get a share of the profits. We believe that this is a unique and exciting opportunity to get more out of your passion with the potential for high returns (of course, high returns come with high risk and profit is not guaranteed)

Why participate in Football Legends?

  • Football is a global sport with a huge fan base. There are billions of people around the world who love football. As a fan, Football Legends gives you the opportunity to get involved in the sport you love and feel more connected to your favorite team and players.

  • Many young footballers come from poor backgrounds and rely on the income from football to support their families. By participating in Football Legends, you can help to give these young people a chance to achieve their dreams.

  • The value of football players is consistently rising. The average transfer fee for a football player has been increasing steadily in recent years. This is due to a number of factors, including the increasing wealth of football clubs, the growing commercialization of football, and the increased competition for top talent.

  • There is always the possibility of finding a player who becomes a star. Transfer records keep being broken and all the top transfers have happened since 2013. For example, Neymar was transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for €222 million in 2017.

increase of value of transfer fees last 10 years

A booming industry with a problem.

But in spite of all the optimistic economic indicators, football has a problem. The industry is not able to source financing at the same level as other industries and this is because their main assets (the value of the football players) is not something that the lenders accept as collateral. This causes issues for smaller less funded teams and participants of the industry looking to compete for talent. 

The Role of the Agent

So, we have looked into the industry and found a strong and growing climate, with a problem that needs aid or disruption. So, the next stage was to analyse how we can come into the game.


FIFA does not allow third parties to buy the economic rights of football players and only the clubs or player themselves can own this. But there is another key stakeholder in the industry, the Agents.


The role of an agent has become increasingly important in recent years. This is due to the increasing commercialization of football. Players are now more likely to move clubs for large sums of money, and they need someone to protect their interests (in the last 10 years, U18 players that have transferred for a fee increased from 25% to 34%).


Agents perform a number of important functions in the industry, including: sourcing talent, helping to navigate the complex world of football, providing guidance and support in the transition from youth to professional football, negotiating contracts, providing advice, managing careers but ultimately protecting the players interests.


In such a role, agents play a key aspect for Football Legends. Ultimately, by partnering with them, we provide another source of funds to finance their operations, while are able to gain access to the players, perks and benefits we offer you. Likewise, their fees are based on a percentage of the players deals, and this is where your profit share comes from.

Player Sourcing

At Football Legends, we would love to have players from all over the world, but of course mainly the UK. However, we have to start somewhere and for this, we chose Uruguay.


Sure, it helps that I am Uruguayan and have an already existing network there but while we build up on this side of the world, there are other key factors to make this a strong first step.


Ultimately, Uruguay allows us to have a greater chance of finding a Star and at a lower cost. Uruguay has a long and proud history of producing world-class footballers. Some of the most famous Uruguayan footballers of the modern age include Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Darwin Nunez and Federico Valverde. Considering the mere population of 3.5m for the whole country, Uruguay’s achievements in football and player development at an international stage are incredible.

In absolute terms, Uruguay was the ninth country in the world with the most international transfers in the last decade with 3,341transfers. In absolute terms, Brazil leads the ranking, but when you look at the data in terms of relative population, Uruguay shines. If we look at the data per million inhabitants, Argentina made 164 transfers, and Brazil 71 between 2011 and 2020, compared to a whopping 971 for Uruguay. U.K. in the other hand is 3rd in absolute terms, but per million totals only 82 transfers (that's less than x10!).


In other words, Uruguay has, by far, the highest number of transfers per million inhabitants in the world. This increases the opportunities of landing a player that makes a successful career out of football.


And so… It begins.


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